INNODYS is proud to announce that its customer SOITEC has decided to lease, with a purchase option, the world’s most advanced automated inspection tool system, the nSpec LS 300, for the launching of their new project.

nSpec® LS

The World’s Most Advanced Inspection Tool

The inspection system design allows for easy set up of repeated quality control testing, in addition to settings for single image capture or scans. Configuration options include wafer size, types of defects to be identified, and scan resolution. An optional wafer loader and various sample chucks are available to meet specific needs. Nanotronics offers nTelligence™, a suite of consulting services as a part of nSpec®, for training, building, and deploying AI pipelines. Contact Nanotronics to see how nTelligence™ can improve your research, development, and manufacturing environments.

nSpec® LS-300mm

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