About Innodys

We are pan-European company servicing all countries in the EU since 1989.

We offer a wide variety of services to FABs; R&D centers, and OEMs in sales, service, warranty work, and logistics.

 INNODYS has 3 offices staffed with sales people, administration, and field service engineers. Depending on the country, we offer a wide variety of products from suppliers both from the US and Europe.

The Company services as following: 

  • Semiconductor market.
  • MEMS.
  • Opto-electronic
  • R&Dmarkets & Research Institutes.
  • µFluidics.
  • Photonics
  • SiC Reclaim
  • Writing Direct Lithography


Our mission is to be amongst the leading distributors of equipment and components for the manufacturing of semiconductor products in all fields of application.

*     Our development strategy is to always represent cutting edge suppliers.

*     Our responsibility is to listen to the technical needs and requirements of our customers so that we can provide the most appropriate solution and process support for their project.

*     Our position in the market is one of the oldest and best respected sales & service organizations in Europe


  • INNODYS dates back to 1989 initially servicing France, which was established as SEDIS. In 1995 SEDIS expanded offices in Germany and the UK and then in 2003 merged with the company SYDEC to form INNODYS.

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